Top 10 best home life hacks that will make your fitness journey easy

These days on the internet you get to see anything in the name of hacks. Recently I came across this hack. Where in order to follow a healthy lifestyle, you must keep all the unhealthy options away. So? Did I follow it? Yes, Whatever junk foods I had at my home like chips, biscuits etc, forcibly I ate all of them. Now, there isn’t any distraction at my place. As they say “ Naa rahega baans, naa bajegi bansuri” (Urdu proverb). Haha just joking. here is the Top 10 best home life hacks.

Today I will share 21 daily life hacks that will make your fitness journey easy.

Do you feel more thirsty or even have body pains when you sit in an AC room? It is due to air conditioners dehydrating. They suck the moisture off the atmosphere and then our bodies.

1: Place a bowl of water

AC will suck this water and spare your body.

2: Do not peel off their skin

It is super rich in vitamins and minerals.

Step 1 – Put contaminated fruits and vegetables in a container

Step 2 – Pour enough water so that they are properly soaked

Step 3 – put about 1 Tablespoon of baking soda

Step 4 – Leave the container as it is for 15-20 minutes

Step 5 – Wash them thoroughly with running tap water

Baking soda / Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda is known for its alkalizing nature which reduces the effect of pesticides to as much as 98%. Studies have proven this.

3: Check the colour

Is that sugarcane juice fresh? If the colour of the juice is light green then it’s fresh don’t worry. It is not so fresh if its colour is dark green.

4: Cut cucumber from centre

If it is not so sweet then first of all leave it for 15 seconds and then cut it. It will be sweet.


5: Do you directly soak lentils in water?

Then throw off the water before cooking?

Step 1 – Wash the lentils

Step 2 – soak in water

Step 3 – Put on flame after 6 hours

Do you avoid soaking split lentils as their cooking time is low?

6: Must soak all lentils and rice

100% Assimilation of nutrients is possible only then. Soak them prior for max nutrition.

7: Add hot water to curries

Sometimes we need to put extra water in the curry. Don’t add normal home water. If you add normal home water, not only it will increase cooking time but the food will be hard to digest. So add hot water to the curries this will not slow down the cooking process or its digestibility.

8: Take time to knead the dough

For fast-digesting softer chapatis. The longer you knead the dough the faster roti will get digested.

Step 1 – Knead the dough

Step 2 – Cover and set aside

Step 3 – Make curry

The last step – Make chapati (fast-digesting softer chapati)

Don’t eat rice at night. It’s a jock don’t believe it.

Rice at night:

According to Ayurveda, rice is extremely cold in potency due to which if it is consumed at night, it might cause problems.

9: Rice at night (Add hot spices)

Be cautious at dinner. Balance’s out the rice’s cool nature.

10: Put juice and water in equal ration

For the herbal concoction to give the best results.

48 Days:

According to Ayurveda, one herbal drink should be consumed for at least 48 days to experience its benefits. It should be then discontinued for about 15-20 days else the body will get used to it.

Writer: Yasir Aziz (Instagram)


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