Diet Plan For Householders

Heal your body:

Just stick to this diet plan and stay fit and healthy. So what is this diet plan? The healthiest foods can also bring in diseases. It will be dangerous for our bodies if we eat these foods in the wrong way and wrong time.

How should we eat daily?

How can we treat our diseases? We prevent these diseases just with the food that we eat.

Know the time of sunrise and sunset

You need to eat your food between sunrise and sunset because this is the perfect time for your diet plan. If the food is eaten after sunset, it will not be digested perfectly. That’s why this food makes toxins in the body which makes us sick. That’s why I say don’t want to eat at night.

Sounds like intermittent fasting?

It’s not modern if here, mother nature decides eating window. Modern if may help you with the loss for a while. After sunset the only thing is mink. This is because the specific enzymes to digest the milk are secreted by our body only then. 30 minutes before sleep will calm your body down, and induce sleep.


You can make your own diet plan. According to my experience, you should not eat too much at breakfast. Eating more food at breakfast is not the best for the body. So eat less and eat better.


Would you like a nice lunch? Eat everything in the lunch. If you want to chill with friends so lunch is the best time for you. You need a great lunch for the best diet. It will increase your body fitness and beauty. Lunchtime is the best time for eating everything.


Dinner is Don’t eat too much at dinner. Eating too much at dinner is unhealthy for your body. For the best diet plan eat simple food for dinner. If you eat too much at dinner it does not digest perfectly.


Eat fruits, vegetables, seeds, whole grains, fresh dairy milk, and nuts for the best diet. For the best diet plan include these things in your diet plan. This diet plan is best for the body mind and soul.

Rajasic foods:

Foods of passion

  • Excess of salt
  • High sugar
  • Too spicy
  • If eaten too hot or cold

Tamasic foods:

Foods in the mode of ignorance

  • Frozen food
  • Stale foods
  • Intoxicating foods
  • Preservative laden
  • Packaged foods
  • Nonveg foods

Tamasic foods create havoc on the body and mind. More the static better it is for the body, mind, and the soul.

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