How To Build Blogging as a Career

blogging as a carrer
blogging as a carrer

Blogging is one of the most popular and admired career options of our time. Everyone wants to live freely and independently from a single redundant source of income, such as work. We will cover in-depth how to build blogging as a career.

The lifestyle of a super-independent blogger with a lot of money is everyone’s dream. Working as a blogger is a very professional career. As a blogger, you can express yourself, share knowledge, hone your writing skills, earn money online, and build a professional network.

The same operator can also be a ticket to gain more exposure, become an industry authority, market your business, and build an online portfolio.

But with the number of bloggers today, standing out from the competition can be a struggle. One requires a commitment to stay in the industry for a long time. Success as a blogger doesn’t happen overnight. Therefore, you need to be patient and make constant efforts.

In addition to getting the right perspective for the blogging industry, use these tips to gradually build your blogging career:

How To Build Blogging as a Career

1. Blog key:

Often when people start blogging and plan to make blogging their career, they tend to look for a “decisive way” in which they can become successful bloggers. Sadly, there are hundreds of articles on this topic, but none guarantee its success.

If you are looking for a way to pursue your career and be successful, I am sorry to divide it between you. There is no direct way to become a blogger.

The real key to blogging is finding your voice and your own unique identity. It could be the article you write, the way you write, the niche you choose, or something else. We discuss this in more detail.

You will choose blogging as a full-time career option, so it is wise to understand the world of blogging and how to make money blogging before you start.

So, the first thing we do is a plan. This helps to clarify each step and not miss any steps.

2. Plan your blog trip:

There should be several questions about this, but don’t worry. I will answer here.

So, what do you need to plan before you start your blogging journey? An easy way to fix this is to answer the question you have now. If you don’t have a question, consider a few things:

  • Do I need to invest to become a blogger?
  • Is there a formal blogging course I’d like to cover first?
  • What is your end goal for this?
  • How much time can I dedicate to this if I am already working?

By doing this, you can sort out all the thoughts that have occurred to you. If you still haven’t figured it all out, it’s time to start. Let’s see how we can answer some of the most important answers to our questions.

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3. What do you write your blog?

After seeing a friend succeed on a specialized blog, I meet a lot of blog-inspired people. This group of shady bloggers always see that blogging works well and generate a good amount of money and they decide to write on almost the same topic.

Remember what I said. If you want to be successful in blogging, always prefer the blogging topic that interests you. You can also choose a topic that you specialize in, but don’t go to a topic just because others have done it.

Choosing a topic that you like or be an expert on that helps make your blog a fun trip is not a task that you must do from time to time.

You don’t have to blog about just one topic. You can work on multiple topics but start by creating a blog with a specific topic. This helps clear search traffic and get more specific search results and target users.

To get started, start by selecting a topic that interests you. It can be anything you think interests you. If you are having a hard time deciding on it, here is a list of popular blogging niches:

  • Technology
  • Home
  • Trip
  • Lifestyle
  • DIY
  • family
  • Physical condition and health
  • Play
  • Inspiration and advice
  • Finance
  • Animals, etc.

Remember to choose what you can talk about for hours and follow your heart, not the herd.

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4. Launch a blog:

Once you have a solid foundation, you can start with the technical and other aspects. This is the general idea of ​​how to set up a blog without any problem.

a. Niche selection:

Well, the first thing we talked about was choosing a niche. Like I said, your niche is what you are passionate about. The main reason behind this is that you always talk and write about your topic on your blog. This just inspires you more and shouldn’t drain you of ideas.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a topic here is that others should also consider the topic interesting. You want to build a career in a blog, so it’s good to make sure people want to read up on you and find the interesting niche as well.

One way to confirm this is to do market research. Check for other blogs. How do they work at the niche level? If not, what is the reason? If you’re targeting a rare niche, consider and remember all the possibilities …

b. Blog platform selection:

If you want me to summarize it for you, I’m just saying go with WordPress. There are many great blogging platforms, such as Blogger, SquareSpace, and Wix, but if you want your blog to be your career, we recommend using WordPress.


Well, WordPress is very flexible, offers great features, and has few associated learning angles. The first time you use the platform, you will be familiar with WordPress. It’s so interactive that it can handle all the technical stuff on its own, so you can focus on rendering your blog or your great content. The version of WordPress I’m talking about here is self-hosted.

c. Get the right domain:

Your domain is your website address, which is probably the name of your website. If Andy wants to start a DIY tutorial blog for him, Andy’s domain can be “”.

This will keep the essence of the blog and give readers a general idea of ​​what your content will look like. However, many good domains already exist, and you can find the right domain for your niche. This domain registers anyone. I like Godaddy because of my domain.

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d. Get a hosting plan:

I bought a domain and decided on a blogging platform. Next need hosting. This hosting will be the home of your website. Where your website lives. Good hosting can greatly improve the performance of your website. There are many hosting providers, but it is up to you to decide which one to use.

You don’t need a full-featured hosting account as you are just getting started and your hosting account can be anywhere from $ 3 to $ 500 per month! Take the single, and once you start to gain traction, switch to a better one with more features.

e. Blog Settings:

You have all the ingredients with you, and the only thing left now is to cook a meal, your website. Just ask your hosting provider to connect your domain to your hosting account and install WordPress.

You can also install it yourself. There are many resources available on the Internet to teach you how to host your domain with the hosting plan you purchased. This can be a bit technical, so it’s a good idea to check with the help of your hosting provider to make sure everything is fine.

Once all the setup is complete and the WordPress installation is complete, you are ready to go.

f. Access and customize your blog:

Now you can log into your WordPress dashboard and customize your layout the way you want. Ideally, I prefer to use a pre-built WordPress theme that can be installed directly or added using the theme’s installer, but the downside of the theme is that it has little customization, and every time you make a small change.

It cannot be changed every day. I want to see it in the design of your blog. Also, if you don’t know how to write the code to make small changes, you will need to hire a freelancer to make the changes or change the whole theme.

So how can you make changes to your website without lacking in coding and subject matter skills?

For this, you can get the Blog Designer plugin that comes with over 40 blog layouts that you can use to customize your WordPress blog layout. It fits all blog styles, and you can change the layout and functionality with the detailed controls that the plugin provides.

The plugin is compatible with all the most popular page builders and offers a host of features regarding the changes you can make to your blog layout. Learn more about BlogDesigner.

g. Publish the first post:

Now that we’ve got the entire website in and out, it’s time to start publishing. You need to write engaging and useful content that people want to read. But don’t put too much emphasis on writing a good first post.

Many bloggers waste a lot of time waiting for that “perfect moment” to publish their first article, but the truth never comes, so by then, even if it does, I think I wasted a lot of time.

So, the best thing you can do now is clicking on the Posts tab and then the Add New button. Start writing your first article with the appropriate title. Take enough time to review when you’re done and publish your first article on the go.

Roll the wheels to find more ideas and inspirations to grow your blog.

Maintain blog quality:

Currently, one of the most important aspects of blogging is the quality of the content. The quality of blog content defines the future of your blog. If you want your readers to come back for more content, the best way to make sure is to provide them with high-quality content first.

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Here are some of the best content practices:

  • Write in your tone and voice. Do not try to imitate your blogger of love or admiration. This always causes problems and ultimately reduces the quality of the content.
  • Don’t stop the investigation. If you want to provide great content to your users, you need to make sure you are well informed.
  • Don’t just write content but make it attractive. Make your content practical by asking your readers to do something at the end of the article.
  • One way blogging always works is to use storytelling techniques. It works like a charm because there is nothing better than the fluidity that the story offers. Users are always waiting to know what will happen next.
  • Don’t forget the content when you hit the publish button. You should focus on the quality of the content, which requires regular editing. This will improve the quality of the article and is worth providing to the reader.
  • Well, that’s not a priority upfront, but writing SEO-friendly articles can help you build a stronger user base as it can rank high on search engines like Google. Website. Learn more about SEO.
  • If you plan to use your blog as a source of income. Next, we also need to focus on conversion optimization. All we’re working on here is how to write a blog post to convert, so you can work on this from the beginning of your blogging journey.

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I know to blog and then making money seems like a dream plan, but things don’t happen overnight. You need to focus on content and many other things for your blog to work and start making money for you. It may take some time, but it is very important to be patient and wait for things to happen. You should have some expectations of your blog when you start. It’s okay to have them but make sure they direct your actions and don’t allow you to give up your blog.

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FAQ: How To Build Blogging as a Career

1). Is blogging a good career?

Conclude with great prospects for your blogging career. But it is not that easy, with a success rate of only 2% to 3%. Most Indian bloggers fail because they think blogging is a gambling scam. It takes a lot of patience and effort to earn income.

2). How do bloggers make money?

In the same way that everyone else does it by offering something of value for money. The kind of value a blog should provide depends on how you monetize your blog. There are five fundamental ways bloggers can bring in cash: promoting, offshoot advertising, supported posts, items, and administrations.

3). Is your blog profitable in 2020?

A couple of years prior, publishing content to a blog was another interest that a few groups did notwithstanding their regular work. Blogs still work that way today, but with many changes. In 2021, blogging will become a useful profession online, and the public will start blogging to enter this noble profession.

4). How are professional bloggers paid?

Experienced freelance bloggers writing for other people’s blogs may have fewer newcomers making between 10 cents and $ 1 per word. Freelance bloggers get paid directly from their clients or through the network of freelancers they use. Freelance bloggers who started their blogs do not earn the salaries of traditional bloggers.

5). Is it difficult to be a successful blogger?

You just have a hard time becoming a blogger. You should simply make good quality consistently. On the other hand, becoming a successful blogger is much more difficult to achieve.

6). How do blogging for beginners make money?

Affiliate income. One of the simplest and most normal approaches to bring in cash contributions to a blog for amateurs is partner promoting. You simply advertise someone else’s product on your blog, and when someone buys, you charge a commission.

7). How many hours do bloggers work?

I consider myself a full-time blogger (this is my only job/business). If you need to estimate the average working hours, I think it is 25 to 35 hours.

8). Is blogging a waste of time?

If you intend to start a blog to make money, you must be willing to spend time and often money to get to that point. If you give it up after a few months or a year and get little results, then you are. This is the start of time to waste.


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