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Hello friends, Hoping, that you all are good & safe. In the articles I’ve recently posted this year, in which I was describing, what should we eat, what to avoid and how to eat…

These 3 articles will help you a lot. Especially in GERD or pain. I think the whole digestive system, including the esophagus, sphincters, and stomach will be happy. Few more activities, other than food-related were left, we will know about them in this video. If the activities from this video have been followed with the activities from those 3 videos, so this definitely will benefit. Because, even a normal or healthy person should follow this, and we all are patients of Achalasia Cardia. are called Achalasia Warriors, We are more expected persons to follow this. This should be in our habits. Not because we are sick, but because it is right. So in today’s video, let’s talk about the more important activities that were left.

The first activity is “Follow Doctor’s Advice”.

Whatever the Doctor recommends doing, to eat, not to eat or not to do, Firstly you should follow that. Because I am not a doctor or a medical student, I am just an Achalasia survivor since childhood.

So whatever I have experienced, read, learned, listen to from doctors & patients, I tell you this. So the first thing is Doctor’s advice & recommendations. The second one is “Take time off”. Take leave if you are employed. 2 weeks’ leave will be good. So that you can take a rest. Especially after Heller Myotomy. In POEM, incisions are inside so recovery is fast. So you are not much able to care in POEM. But in Heller Myotomy, incisions are outside, So it will be better to take 2 weeks’ leave. Although, if the operation is being postponed because of not being able to take leave. So in this, no need to delay operation, Minimum of 3 days’ leave will also be okay. So depending on the situation, leave can be taken for 3, 7, or 14 days.

The third is “Incision cleaning”.

After coming back home after surgery, this is very important to keep the incision clean. As I have told you that the incision in POEM is not in your hand, God Forbid, if any problem occurs so only the doctor can handle it. But for HM, you are more responsible. You can watch these videos to know about HM & POEM. So you have to be careful about keeping incisions clean after HM. Any dirty cloth, pressure, push, etc can cause infection or problems. Although you are only responsible for incisions outside, Myotomy is different.


Fourth is “Tape or Stitches removing”. Firstly, you don’t have to remove the tape for a week, you just have to keep it dry & clean with cotton. It shouldn’t be wet, keep it dry & clean. You don’t have to remove it. it will be removed by itself after a week. Just keep dry & clean. The second stitches are two types commonly. If this is stapled type, those we use to make papers joint by staplers. So the doctor will remove this kind of stitches themself, after 15 days, when you will visit. But if these are stitches of the type surgical thread so those dissolve over time, so you don’t have to be worried about that. that dissolves over time.

Number 5 is “Walking” Move or walk as much as you will allow.

Especially just after a meal. Even a non-achalasia person also should walk. 6th is “Being careful with GERD or pain”. God forbid, in any problem, the first thing is medicine. And for precautions, by which you can reduce the chances, these three videos will help to know the right foods & right way to eat.  This will definitely help in this too. For 7th, “Be cautious” of activities that can affect your Incision. ( no bike rides, drives, jogging, weight lifting, yoga, or aerobic exercise ) This is possible that you will be as healthy as you didn’t take any surgery, then you don’t have to forget to be careful & cautious.

There are also stitches & myotomy inside the stomach. Few brothers have asked about the gym too, You can go to the gym, but not before a week at least. If you go to the gym after a week, still you should not lift more than 5 kg. Until before being fully recovered by proper diet & activities. It will take 1 month. Till then, don’t have to lift more than 5 kg weight. Do exercise which doesn’t affect the incision area or whole stomach/belly. You can ask the appropriate exercise experts for this.

Number 9 is “Keeping record” of your symptoms.

Which food causes problems, Which food gives relief, Which activity causes problems, Which activity gives relief. Record what triggered acid reflux episodes or other problems. In any problem, the doctor will be as able to treat it, it is better you explain the problem. So it is good to record. You can write on paper.
I write all on a paper whatever have to tell you here.
You also can keep your records this way. Next is “Keeping Positivity”. Keep the negativity away from yourself. Many of us worry a lot, My mom also takes too much tension. Shouldn’t take tension too much, let’s face & solve. This is called braveness & intelligence. There is a solution for every problem. You can discuss it with your Doctor, Family, or Friends. But no need to be so worried. It takes at least one month to be completely recovered. Few people question like, one week is past, don’t know when it will be recovered, take too many tensions.

No to this! Join our social media groups on Facebook & Telegram – Achalasia India, Links are in the description below. You can ask there anything, Say no to stress. These were 10 tips, but one more tip I would like to tell you is “Listen to your body” What your body wants, or what it doesn’t. And is this right what your body wants. Isn’t it that you are doing what is not required. Keep this all in mind. We have to know our abilities and our limits. Can we do this work? Can not we do this?

Will this harm or benefit?

What your body wants?

We should know our limits & ability. What we can do, what we can’t. Neither do we have to be less confident nor overconfident. As have told in the article, make a record what harms & what benefits. Changes should be there in life. Good people add good changes in themself. The person who does not accept changes, we call them “Sheet”. The wise person keeps changing. A good person accepts good changes. Read Completly.

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